Israeli–Palestinian conflict: Shifting opinions among Democrats, what Biden has done so far

Democratic California Congressman Ro Khanna said President Biden has the power to end the Israeli–Palestinian conflict with one phone call. 

He said on MSNBC this week: “Netanyahu is out there saying he has a blank check from the United States. … He says this is going to go on for more time, and that the United States is with him. No we are not. Many members of Congress, including supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship, like myself and others … are saying that Netanyahu does not have a blank check and he's doing this simply to hold on to power. This is not furthering the security interests of Israel or the people of either Palestine or Israel.”

Earlier today President Biden made a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told him he expects a “significant de-escalation today.” But Netanyahu says he’s determined to continue the Gaza operation “until its aim is met.”

Biden has sharpened his rhetoric recently, amid pressure from abroad and in the U.S., most notably from within his own party as more Democrats are now reexamining America’s unwavering pro-Israel policy.