Cheeseburger potstickers, anyone? Chef Shirley Chung mixes American fast food and Chinese cuisine

Shirley Chung is a Chinese chef who likes to rebel against tradition. She makes mochi donuts, cheeseburger potstickers, and vegan dumplings with spicy tofu aioli. She’s been making dumplings since she was 6 years old in her native Beijing. She immigrated to the U.S. when she was 17, and soon after worked for celebrity chefs Jose Andres and Thomas Keller. She’s been on “Top Chef” twice. Now Chung has a new restaurant in Culver City called Ms. Chi Cafe, and a new cookbook.

Chef Shirley Chung.

Dumplings at Ms. Chi Cafe. 

Beef and broccoli. 

Mapo tofu.