President Trump fights back against an anonymous op-ed by a senior White House official

The president was defiant today in the face of an anonymous New York Times op-ed written by a senior official in the White House. That followed revelations about a new book by Bob Woodward. In both cases, senior White House officials are described as deliberately thwarting Trump’s will to protect the country from his worst inclinations. Now the hunt is on to reveal who wrote the op-ed. Several cabinet members deny it’s them. Vice President Mike Pence’s office said it is “above” such amateur acts. A HUD spokesperson said, “Haha, nope” when asked if Ben Carson was the author. We talk about what this crisis means for the office of the presidency.



  • Timothy Naftali - Clinical Associate Professor of History and Public Service at NYU; former director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library - @TimNaftali
  • Paul Farhi - Media Reporter for the Washington Post