New documentary looks at guru Tony Robbins

Joe Berlinger is an Oscar-nominated documentarian known for hard-hitting films like Paradise Lost, Brother’s Keeper and Crude. But his new film is more personal. It’s called Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru. It’s like a concert film, except instead of a rock band’s stadium show, it goes inside the self-help author’s 6-day seminar called "Date With Destiny." Joe Berlinger decided to make the film after Tony Robbins invited him to attend a “Date with Destiny” seminar in 2014. Berlinger talks about his personal experience with Robbins.


Joe Berlinger - executive producer and director - @joeberlinger, Tony Robbins - Motivational Speaker - @TonyRobbins

Madeleine Brand

Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Jolie Myers, Christian Bordal, Sarah Sweeney