Lizzo, Twitter, and the battle for ‘Truth Hurts’ writing credit

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that b****” is a line in Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts.” 

On Wednesday, Lizzo announced she’s going to share writing credit for that signature line with a singer named Mina Lioness, who tweeted that line in 2017. But Lizzo also filed a lawsuit to try to prevent two other songwriters from getting credit for that line. The songwriters claim they were part of the writing session that turned that tweet into the lyric.

Then there’s Kylie Jenner trying to trademark the phrase “rise and shine.” And Lebron James going after the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” 



  • Jay Connor - staff writer at The Root, contributing writer at Huffington Post, founder and co-host of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast