Text messages about Ukraine by White House officials: Do they show quid pro quo?

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Speaking with reporters today, President Trump said Congress does have the votes to impeach him, but predicted he would win in a trial in the senate.

Trump Trump has denied there was a quid pro quo in his request for Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. But on Thursday, text messages were released that showed administration officials considering withholding aid and canceling a meeting with Ukranian officials unless there was an investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee. Former Ukraine Special Envoy Kurt Volker provided the texts to three congressional committees during a closed-door deposition.

Also today, the inspector general of the intelligence community is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. Michael Atkinson was the first official to field the whistleblower complaint about the July phone call between President Trump and Ukranian President Zelensky. 



  • Anita Kumar - White House reporter and associate editor for Politico