Monkeypox reaches kids. Is wider outbreak unfolding?

“This isn't a disease you want your kids to get. There is a risk of severe illness from this. It can cause damage to other organ systems, but we don't really know for sure what that's going to look like in the U.S. compared to the data from other countries,” says Dr. Jay Varma, professor at Weill Cornell Medicine and an epidemiologist. Photo by Joao Luiz Bulcao / Hans Lucas via Reuters.

Nearly 85 kids globally now have monkeypox, says the World Health Organization. There are concerns that the disease may spread as kids return to classes and are in close contact.

President Biden on Saturday announced that he tested positive for COVID again. He had been negative. Like many people, he apparently now has the Paxlovid rebound.

Most Americans disapprove of SCOTUS’ decision overturning Roe v. Wade, but that doesn’t seem to bother the author of the opinion, Justice Samuel Alito.

Compared to sunscreen sold in the U.S., those from non-U.S. countries, such as Japan and South Korea, offer more protection and feel better on your skin, says The Atlantic’s Amanda Mull.

Girl Ultra (Mariana de Miguel) is a 27-year-old singer, producer and DJ from Mexico City. Her new album, “El Sur,” blends garage rock, house and techno.