All friendships change us, says ‘Stay True’ author

“It’s this reminder that we should just hold tight the people in our lives, and that all friendships change us. We don't necessarily have to narrativize them or reflect on them, because those stories are still ongoing for most of us,” says Hua Hsu. Photo by Devlin Claro.

Hua Hsu and his college friend Ken were both Asian American but opposites. A few years after they met, Ken died in a carjacking. Their bond is the focus of Hsu’s new memoir.

Orange County health officials have declared a state of emergency over a serious rise in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which disproportionately affects kids.

Prisons have long relied on inmate labor, usually paying them very little or not at all. Next week, voters in five states will decide whether to prohibit that practice.

This fall, find satisfaction with the crunch of what is in season. Try a radish salad with a soft, flavorful cheese for balance. And add crisp, sweet apples to the original Waldorf salad.