‘Latino’ term is outdated, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is getting new host

“Latino is a European term. It goes back to the idea that we speak this romance language, right? Spanish. But it omits the fact that many of us have Indigenous roots,” says Hector Tobar. “My family is part Mayan, although the exact nature of my Mayan roots are hidden to me. … Many of us have African ancestors in our past. And so ‘Latino’ suggests that we are European. And that's really only part of who we are.” Credit: Shutterstock.

Nearly 20% of Americans identify as Hispanic or Latino, according to the U.S. Census. But the category is outdated and based on inaccurate and potentially harmful notions about race, says author Hector Tobar.  

Now that Russian President Vladamir Putin has fended off a coup, what will happen with the leftover Wagner Group troops? How could this affect the war in Ukraine?

Robotaxis are being tested in LA and Santa Monica. The CA Public Utilities Commission is expected to vote next month to allow Waymo and Cruise to bring driverless cars to those cities and others. 

Ryan Seacrest will be the next host of “Wheel of Fortune.” Pat Sajak, who’s held the role since 1981, announced he’s stepping down after the show’s 41st season.