Pandemic creates perfect storm that fuels recall effort against Gov. Newsom, says political reporter

Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval rating was above 60% in June. Now California is one of the world’s coronavirus hotspots. Vaccine distribution is a mess. The state’s unemployment system is a fiasco. 

Governor Newsom is facing a recall attempt. There have been others, but this one has a big donor and more than 1 million signatures.

Carla Marinucci, Politico reporter covering California politics, explains that the pandemic hit Newsom in many different ways. “The public indignation in some respects … the shutdowns of businesses, such as personal service businesses, like nail salons and hair salons, restaurants, outdoor dining. And the issue of school shutdowns. … His own kids have gone to private school and have enjoyed the kind of in-person instruction that millions of California kids have not. And he has sort of fueled the recall movement himself with his own self-inflicted troubles at dinner at the French Laundry — at the same time he was telling California to stay home.” 

She continues, “The COVID pandemic has created the perfect storm that has fueled the recall. And at this point, supporters say they have amassed a million signatures that have not been verified by the Secretary of State's office. But they were given a big boost when a superior court judge gave them until March to do that. And some political consultants are saying they have about an 85% chance of coming up with the 1.5 million valid signatures they need to qualify that recall.”