Mega producer Scott Rudin faces accusations of abuse. How did he avoid consequences for so long?

“An absolute monster,” “unhinged,” “a casual disregard for human rights.” These are some of the words The Hollywood Reporter used to describe mega producer Scott Rudin in a new story. Former employees described a toxic workplace helmed by Rudin, who was prone to violent tantrums that often ended with him throwing things at people, like a glass bowl, teacup, computer monitor, and baked potato.

Rudin is one of the most successful and lauded producers in Hollywood and on Broadway. His films have won 23 Academy Awards. His stage productions have won 17 Tonys. Rudin himself has even earned EGOT status as an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner. That might explain why his well-documented bad behavior has been tolerated for so long, even as others have been shunned for less.