Will Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, and the Dodgers win the 2020 World Series?

The LA Dodgers are up 3-2 in their World Series run against the Tampa Bay Rays. They came back on Sunday night after a devastating loss on Saturday that tied the series. Game six is Tuesday, and if the Dodgers win it, they’ll win the World Series. 

“This team seems to have a little more resilience than the teams in the past that have made it to the World Series,” says Jason Sklar, co-host of the “View from Cheap Seats” podcast. “They stepped up in game five, and they turned around and they said, ‘We're taking it.’”

Randy Sklar adds that pitcher Clayton Kershaw made a big impact on Sunday. “He's an unbelievable regular season pitcher. … He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, no question. He's the face of the franchise. Hasn't been able to get it done in the postseason. And he stepped up yesterday and pitched so well. … He really carried that team to victory.”

The World Series games have been happening at a neutral field in Texas, the Globe Life Field. Jason Sklar says, “It is interesting that this game is not being played at Dodger Stadium. They would have had home field advantage. And yet here we are. They feel very at home in this pandemic field with a lot of their fans, what feels like a majority-Dodger fans at every game.” 

However, why isn’t viewership higher for the World Series? Jason Sklar points to many different sports converging right now, particularly the Big Ten college football conference starting over the weekend and upstaging the World Series. 

What are the Sklar brothers’ predictions for game six on Tuesday? 

Randy Sklar says the Dodgers have to win. “I'm not sure if Walker Buehler, their amazing 26-year-old flamethrowing pitcher … if he's going to start or [Tony] Gonsolin is going to start. They have such good pitching. I mean, let me say this to Dodger fans out there: You have an unbelievable future ahead of you, in addition to probably winning this year.”

However, he notes that if the Rays “come up with any magic” in game six, then anything can happen in game seven. 

He predicts that the Dodgers will win 6-2 on Tuesday. 

Jason Sklar predicts a win for the Dodgers too. “We point to a guy like Mookie Betts, who they picked up, who is a champion, who has a World Series [win]. … A guy like that rallies the team around him. And I think the Dodgers win, and it's the first win in Los Angeles since 1988.”

— Written by Amy Ta, produced by Rosalie Atkinson