Bush Defends Past Stance on Nuclear Threat from Iran

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In October President Bush talked about Iran's nuclear program in terms of "World War III."  But the latest National Intelligence Estimate says Iran stopped trying to build a bomb four years ago. Today, the President reiterated that Iran remains a threat to the world, one whose nuclear program, if restarted, could have "the ability to enrich uranium, the knowledge of which could be passed on to a hidden program." He called the latest NIE not an argument for change, but for more international pressure to make sure the program is not resumed and to "convince the Iranians that there is a better way forward." Will this reduce the possibility of military action? Will the US still have credibility with crucial allies?  We hear from Europe and Israel. 


Jonathan Landay - Reuters - @JonathanLanday, Ali Ansari - Professor of History, University of St. Andrews, Gabriel Schoenfeld - Hudson Institute - @gabeschoenfeld, Mordechai Kedar - Arab Affairs Expert, Bar Ilan University

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