Is laughing at Attorney General Sessions a crime?

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Back in January, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was being confirmed by a Senate Committee, Alabama's Richard Shelby was commending Sessions' record. That brought a laugh from Desiree Fairooze, a 61-year-old Code Pink activist in a Statue of Liberty Hat, holding a protest sign. As Capitol Police officer started to push her out of the room, she cried, "Why am I being taken out of here?! This man's evil. You're evil. Don't vote for Jeff Sessions. I was going to be quiet now you're having me arrested, for what?! He said something ridiculous, his voting records is evil."

Yesterday, Justice Department lawyers argued in court that her laughter was enough to warrant a criminal charge. Today, a jury found her guilty, as we hear from Ryan Reilly, senior justice reporter for the Huffington Post.




Warren Olney