David Hicks Enters Surprise Guilty Plea at Guantanamo Bay

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In December, 2001, David Hicks was captured while attempting to flee Afghanistan in a taxi. A month later, the Australian citizen became one of the first prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay. He was accused of using a gun to guard a Taliban tank, conducting surveillance on the empty US embassy in Kabul, attending al Qaeda training camps and fighting against American forces. Yesterday, he became the first Guantánamo prisoner to face a military commission, newly authorized by Congress last year. After a contentious hearing was adjourned, Hicks pleaded not guilty to involvement in any terrorist act, but stunned everyone by pleading guilty to one count of supporting a terrorist organization. Has Hicks been treated fairly or subjected to a kangaroo court? With the Bush Administration divided, what are the prospects for closing Guantánamo Bay?




Warren Olney