Abortion: After the US Supreme Court's Latest Decision

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Women still have the right to choose an abortion in the United States, but not by "intact dilation and extraction," also called "partial birth abortion."  Last week's US Supreme Court decision upheld a ban based not on the physical health of the mother but the fear that a gruesome procedure might cause women emotional harm, including "regret," "severe depression" and "loss of esteem." Dissenting justices find that "alarming."  Other critics call it "legal paternalism" and "19th Century thinking about women's rights." What do women and their doctors do now?  Did abortion-rights drop the ball when Alito and Roberts were named to the court?


Suzanne Poppema - Retired abortion provider, Reva Siegel - Professor of Law at Yale Law School, Jeffrey Rosen - National Constitution Center - @RosenJeffrey, Jane Hamsher - Founder-Editor of FireDogLake.com, Ed Kilgore - political columnist at New York Magazine, and former Democratic strategist - @ed_kilgore

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