What's the Plan for Afghanistan?

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America's longest war is winding down, but it's not over yet, and there are as many unresolved issues as there are parties involved. The White House and the Pentagon haven't agreed on the pace of troop withdrawal or how many US soldiers should stay after 2014. Talks with the Karzai regime and the Taliban raise more questions than answers about security and corruption. Will a wildly inflated economy collapse when foreign troops and contractors are gone? Will democracy, free expression and human rights have a future?


Julian Barnes - Wall Street Journal - @julianbarnes, Alissa Johannsen Rubin - New York Times - @alissanyt, Christine Fair - Georgetown University - @CChristineFair, Sarah Chayes - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - @CarnegieEndow, Stephen Biddle - George Washington University / Council on Foreign Relations - @ElliottSchoolGW

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