Afghanistan, US Troops and the Run-off Election

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President Hamid Karzai insisted that his re-election was fair and square. He agreed to a run-off only after heavy pressure from the US and other countries, citing evidence of massive election fraud. Sending more US troops to Afghanistan now depends on the political culture of a country famous for incompetence and corruption. The White House wants a “credible” partner, and today the United Nations announced that more than half of Afghanistan's election officials are being fired. Will that guarantee free and fair voting next time around? Will there be protection against the Taliban for those brave enough to go back to the polls? Will the outcome earn the public support that's needed for General Stanley McChrystal's strategy of counter-insurgency? With Barack Obama on the verge of decisions that could define his presidency, what lessons can be learned from America's history in Vietnam? 




Warren Olney


Andrea Brody, Sonya Geis