A Resurgent Al Qaeda

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Late last year, President Bush declared that Osama bin Laden's "Al Qaeda is on the run," but US and British intelligence now say it's back in business.  Last month, former US Intelligence Director John Negroponte told Congress that both Al Qaeda and the Taliban have critical sanctuaries in Northwest Pakistan.  Britain's MI-5 has said there's a Pakistani connection between the London subway bombings and threats against airliners bound for the US. This week, the New York Times reported that Al Qaeda leaders have reconstituted their terrorist training camps in Northwest Pakistan. Pakistan calls the assessment "absurd."  Has Iraq has blinded the Bush Administration to Al Qaeda's resurgence. What's next for the war on terror? We talk with Pakistan's Ambassador to the US and a Pakistani journalist who tell very different stories, and a converted Muslim who worked for a charity that has since been linked to Al Qaeda.




Warren Olney