America's Presidential Campaign through Foreign Eyes

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The national campaign is focused on American voters, but the President is the commander-in-chief and the architect of foreign policy.  How does the idea of "European-style socialism" go down in France and Germany? How do Romney, Gingrich and other Republican hopefuls sound in China, Israel, Iran and other parts of the world? Also, diplomatic pressure mounts on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the UN, and Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades.

Banner image: Palestinians hold a crossed out picture of Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich to Protest against his remarks about Palestinians during a rally to mark the 44th anniversary of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in the West bank city of Nablus on December 17, 2011. Photo by Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP/Getty Images



Warren Olney