Are Chinese Workers Paying the Price for Cheap Goods?

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Late last year, as Congress considered a ban on imports from overseas "sweatshops," we broadcast a program on working conditions in China. Witnesses, backed by journalistic investigators, told of workers exposed to a witches’ brew of cancer-causing chemicals 84 hours a week for 53¢ an hour. This year, if they’re buying at all, Americans are more inclined than ever to be looking for bargains. But in China, nothing has changed. Conditions are still so bad there’s been social unrest in some factory towns. Workers are exposed every day to Benzene, Lead, Cadmium. Toluene, Nickel and Mercury.  Our program is still as relevant as it was a year ago. We re-broadcast our look at the health and safety of human beings 5000 miles away.




Warren Olney


Karen Radziner