Common Core: The Obamacare of the Classroom?

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Common Core standards for math and reading were adopted by 45 governors, but they’ve since become a political football. Anne Hyslop is a policy analyst at the non-profit Bellwether Education Partners who’s been tracking the backlash for foundations, school districts and other interested parties.

Florida’s former Governor Jeb Bush is one potential Republican candidate who has not backed down on support for Common Core. Here’s an apparent challenge from Texas Senator Ted Cruz: "If you say you oppose Common Core, show me where you where you stood up and fought." Meanwhile, Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich is a full-throated supporter of Common Core: "Barack Obama doesn't set it, the state of Ohio doesn't set it. It is local school boards driving better education, higher standards, created by local school boards... Part of the problem is today politicians are running to try and to get votes."

Jeannie Metcalf is a 20 year veteran of the school board in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She’s also co-chair of a commission created by the state legislature to “review and replace” Common Core.




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