Should Digital Networks Pay Us for Our Info?

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book.JPGJaron Lanier was a pioneer of virtual reality. He sold a start-up to Google and helped Walmart, Fannie Mae, banks and hedge funds learn to use computerized information. He's now working on several projects for Microsoft. All that has made him a uniquely authoritative critic of the digital economy he has helped to create. Last year in Who Owns the Future he argued that Google, Facebook and Twitter should be paying all their users for making those companies rich. Since then, we've learned more about the downside of "Big Data." Who Owns the Future is now out in paperback and Lanier joins us in our studios in Santa Monica.

Jaron Lanier will be at Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach tonight, April 23, at 7pm.



  • Jaron Lanier - Computer systems expert and author of "You Are Not a Gadget : A Manifesto and Who Owns the Future?"


Warren Olney