Barack Obama: Doing Too Much or Too Little?

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With the motto, "never waste a good crisis," Barack Obama is pushing a broad agenda at the same time he’s trying to stabilize the financial system and restore economic stability. Eight weeks into his four-year term, the new President appears on TV two or three times a day, each time, it seems, with a different challenge. While polls show the public remains on his side, "Obama’s honeymoon in the corridors of power has come to an abrupt end." Now Warren Buffett and other authoritative supporters say he ought to be focusing like a laser beam on fixing the economy -- right now. The White House insists that issues like healthcare, education and global warming are basic to economic recovery, long term. But is Obama addressing the costs and trade-offs honestly?


Michael Scherer - Washington Post - @michaelscherer, Robert Samuelson - Newsweek and Washington Post, David Corn - Mother Jones magazine - @DavidCornDC, Terry Sullivan - Co-Founder, White House Transition Project

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