Barack Obama, Technology and the Internet

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The Federal Communications Commission is best known for regulating phone companies and policing nudity and strong language on radio and TV. But to head his FCC, Barack Obama has chosen Julius Genachowski, the man who introduced Facebook and other Internet social networks to political campaigns. His priorities will include expanding broadband access to rural America and protecting the openness of the Internet. Is the FCC up to the task or, in the age of Facebook and Twitter, is it so out of touch that it should be abolished?  What's Twitter all about anyway?



  • Blair Levin - Co-lead, Obama Transition Team on Technology and Government Reform
  • Porter Bibb - Managing Partner, Mediatech Capital Partners
  • Michael Katz - former Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission
  • Gigi Sohn - Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy - @gigibsohn


Warren Olney