Bipartisanship on Capitol Hill or Just a Holiday Breather?

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There may not be a government shutdown any time soon, but that's the best even supporters can say for Washington's first budget agreement in three years. And it leaves establishment Republicans so divided from Tea-Party colleagues there's real doubt that anything else will get done until after next year's elections. That doesn't necessarily mean the Democrats won. We look at major provisions of the $85 billion agreement, and hear about the political fallout. Is it a fitting end to a do-nothing Congress?  


Jonathan Weisman - New York Times - @jonathanweisman, Timothy Carney - Washington Examiner / American Enterprise Institute - @TPCarney, Noam Scheiber - New York Times - @noamscheiber, Norman Ornstein - American Enterprise Institute / Atlantic - @NormOrnstein

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Evan George, Andrea Brody, Benjamin Gottlieb