Black Boxes, Bodies and the Blame Game

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Pro-Russian separatists have turned over the black boxes, and the remains of victims have been taken away on refrigerated train cars, but lead investigators into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 have yet to reach the crash site, located in an Eastern Ukrainian battle zone. The lack of a smoking gun raises questions for the European Union. How deeply was Russia involved? Is it time for increased sanctions? Should the West use diplomatic caution as Vladimir Putin accuses the US of trying to return to the Cold War?

Also, the FAA bands American flights in and out of Tel Aviv, and contradictory opinions from two federal courts with Obamacare caught in the middle.

Banner Image: Makeshift memorial at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for the victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which crashed in the Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board; Credit: Roman Boed