Hillary Clinton and Political 'Inevitability'

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Hillary Clinton was considered "inevitable" in 2008. Barack Obama proved that she wasn't, when she failed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Now she's "inevitable" for 2016. Are there second acts in American politics? We hear about potential challenges from the progressive wing of the party, and why many political pros think she's unstoppable anyway — if she decides to run.


Amie Parnes - The Hill - @amieparnes, Seth Bringman - 'Ready for Hillary' Super PAC - @sethbringman, Noam Scheiber - New York Times - @noamscheiber, Edward-Isaac Dovere - The Atlantic; host of The Ticket podcast - @IsaacDovere

Warren Olney

Andrea Brody, Benjamin Gottlieb, Kareem Maddox