Will California Legalize Marijuana?

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Proposition 19 on next week's California ballot would legalize marijuana for people over 21 and allow for commercial production. Local governments, now strapped for revenue, could regulate and tax a new industry and lower their costs for law enforcement and jails. Both sides are making extravagant claims, but nobody really knows what the financial, social or medical impacts might be. The latest polls show it trailing, and the Obama Administration promises a challenge, but Prop 19 could still have a nationwide impact. 


Beau Kilmer - RAND Drug Policy Research Center, co-author “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know” - @beaukilmer, Allen St. Pierre - Executive Director, NORML, Asa Hutchinson - Former Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration, Peter Wallsten - Washington Post - @peterwallsten, Mikal Jakubal - Filmmaker, 'One Good Year'

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