Copenhagen, Climate Change and Stolen E-Mails

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The UN's global warming summit in Copenhagen opened today amidst new attacks on the basic science of Climate Change. Differences over economics, politics and technology already led some 200 nations to abandon hopes for a binding treaty this year. Now, stolen e-mails between climate researchers are being used to cast doubt on the urgency of taking steps to curtail greenhouse gases. Have scientists manipulated information?  Are dissenters being silenced? Instead of debating over reducing emissions, would a crash program for alternative sources of energy be a cheaper, faster way to slow global warming? 


Darren Samuelsohn - Senior White House Correspondent for Politico - @dsamuelsohn, Bjørn Lomborg - Copenhagen Consensus Center - @bjornlomborg, Dan Lashof - Natural Resources Defense Council - @Dlashof, John Christy - Director, University of Alabama in Huntsville's Earth System Science Center, Keith Johnson - Foreign Policy magazine - @ForeignPolicy, Kevin Trenberth - National Center for Atmospheric Research

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