Is America Ready for Unmanned Drones?

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The Obama Administration has made unmanned, remotely-controlled drones famous — or infamous -- for the targeted killings of enemies overseas. Predators and Reapers are able to carry missiles and 500-pound bombs. The new Switchblade weighs six pounds all by itself, fits into a rucksack, and can take out a rooftop sniper without destroying the building he stands on. In the next few years, the FAA says, tens of thousands of drones -- some small enough to fly inside buildings -- will be flying within the borders of the US. In the meantime, the $6 billion drone industry has developed a voluntary Code of Conduct. What will they be used for? Should law enforcement install weapons on board?  Will surveillance violate privacy rights? What about sharing air space with airplanes big and small?  We look at the benefits and the risks of a $6 billion industry that's just beginning to grow.




Warren Olney