‘Adrift’: Author Scott Galloway charts America’s crises

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Scott Galloway speaks during the DLD Conference at the HVB Forum in Munich, Germany, on January 22, 2013. Photo by Tobias Hase/Hubert Burda Media (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

In his latest book “Adrift,” Scott Galloway, business professor at NYU and columnist for New York Magazine, discusses what’s wrong with this country. 

Galloway tells Warren Olney he's an “evangelist” for young American men. Young American men have fallen further, faster than any other cohort in America.” He claims the education system is biased against boys, most of whose teachers are women. He insists he is not a misogynist or “anti-women,” since those who share his concern are mothers. Their daughters are in college or business careers, while their sons are “in the basement vaping and playing video games.” As long as that’s true, Galloway warns, “We're producing too many of the most dangerous persons in the world, and that is a bunch of lonely, broke men.”

While Galloway is a millionaire e-commerce entrepreneur, he’s also a harsh critic of American capitalism since the Reagan years. Trillions of dollars have been captured by the top 1%, he complains, while “the middle class is sort of waning or anemic.” He favors “the incentive to get rich,” but says it’s time for the government to reform the tax structure. “I think all of these things were deliberate decisions, things we allowed, and I think they can be undone.”

"Adrift: American in 100 Charts”  By Scott Galloway. Alt Photo: Scott Galloway.  Photo Mary Beth Koeth




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