General Motors is Still in the Hotseat, but Sales are Soaring

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For years, General Motors ignored defects in ignition systems until deaths and injuries forced the issue of auto safety into the open. Since then, there’s been a record number of highly publicized recalls by GM and other companies, too.  But sales of new cars have gone through the roof. So, where’s the backlash?  Where does that consumer confidence come from?  Are new cars that much safer than old ones? When the average car in America is 11 years old—how many dangerous vehicles are still on the road? Also, the jihadist Islamic State that now controls much of Iraq has trapped at least 40,000 members of the Yazidi sect, who are taking refuge on Mount Sinjar. And, the 69th anniversary of the first atom bomb.

Banner Image: General Motors automobile mural; credit: Toban Black