The 'Clear and Present Danger' of Climate Change

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Almost 100% of climate scientists now say global warming is caused by human behavior and that action now is a moral imperative for future generations. But public perception is moving the other way, with fewer Americans worried, despite recent extreme weather conditions here and around the world. Meanwhile, new oil and gas discoveries, along with new technologies, have created the prospect of energy independence for the US, and the Obama Administration has adopted a policy called "all of the above," supporting fossil fuels as well as renewables. It's difficult to predict specifically what's next to come, but a draft report to the UN says government foot-dragging will lead to devastating surprises. We hear about new pressures on the Obama Administration and how politics are complicating the findings of science.


Juliet Eilperin - Pulitzer Prize-winning senior national affairs correspondent for The Washington Post - @eilperin, Michael Brune - Sierra Club - @bruneski, John Reilly - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - @MITGlobalChange, Edward Maibach - George Mason University - @MaibachEd, Michael E. Mann - Pennsylvania State University - @MichaelEMann

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