Gun Control and Elena Kagan

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As Solicitor General, Elena Kagan represents the Obama Administration before the US Supreme Court.  Now, he has nominated her to succeed John Paul Stevens, whose retirement became effective today. On this first day of Kagan's confirmation hearing, the current US Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment applies to all states and localities. The broadest possible interpretation of "the right to keep and bear arms" was endorsed by a 5-to-4 margin, but its impact on gun control is still unclear. Stevens, who voted with the minority in his final opinion, called today's ruling "destructive." We hear about Kagan's prospects for joining the court and more on today's decision. 


Dahlia Lithwick - Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate - @dahlialithwick, Curt Levey - Executive Director, Committee for Justice, Erwin Chemerinsky - Berkeley Law, Sonja West - University of Georgia Law School - @sonjarwest

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