Haiti's Troubled History, America's Role and Hope for the Future

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The human disaster in Haiti is hard to describe: mass graves and street-corner cremations with piles of decaying bodies still growing in Port-au-Prince. Tens of thousands of injured survivors with no access to medical care; the lack of food and water leading to fears of looting and violence. Rescuers with relief supplies are on the way from Latin America, China, Russia, the European Union and the United States, with President Obama leading a massive effort. We learn about a history of homegrown corruption and international exploitation. How much is the US to blame? Is there hope for the future?



  • David Rothkopf - FP Group - @djrothkopf
  • Robert Perito - Director of the Haiti Program, US Institute of Peace
  • Patrick Sylvain - Instructor of Haitian Language and Culture, Brown University
  • Amy Wilentz - contributing editor at the Nation, journalism professor at University of California, Irvine; author of “The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier” and “Farewell” - @amywilentz


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