Healthcare Reform: Angry Crowds and the 'Public Option'

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On a Sunday talk show, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the so-called "public option" is "not an essential part" of healthcare reform. That was yesterday, but this is today, with the White House insisting that Sebelius "misspoke" and that the President still thinks it’s the best way to go. Meantime, Blue Dog Democrats are still being challenged by crowds that are clearly riled up about much more than healthcare reform. Is the White House muddling the message? Is it being not just diverted, but intimidated, by the number of protesters and the volume of their voices?


Marc Ambinder - The Week - @marcambinder, Eric Boehlert - Media Matters - @EricBoehlert, Drew Westen - Professor of Psychology, Emory University, Rod Dreher - The American Conservative - @roddreher, James Antle - Washington Examiner - @jimantle

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