Are Immigrants Dying in US Prisons for Lack of Decent Healthcare?

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has rounded up and detained increasing numbers of undocumented people in the past five years. The Washington Post says it has "thousands of pages of government documents," including autopsy and medical records, investigative reports, e-mails and memorandums that reveal "a hidden world of flawed medical judgments, faulty administrative practices, neglectful guards, ill-trained technicians, sloppy record-keeping, lost medical files and dangerous staff shortages." The paper says tens of thousands are being kept in overcrowded prisons with little access to the legal help or healthcare to which they're entitled. Many have died, but ICE denies its officials are well aware that inmates, including asylum seekers, are put at risk by an overtaxed system. We hear from a Post reporter, an ICE spokesman and others.




Warren Olney