Voter Suppression, Voter Fraud and Dirty Tricks

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stealing_elections.jpgWith the presidential election just weeks away, both parties have lined up thousands of lawyers. They're preparing for a massive crush of new voters, new voting machines and new rules designed to avoid the kinds of controversies that are still raging over the outcomes in 2000 and 2004. But in battleground states, including Florida and Ohio, disputes are already under way. This year's election is so close there could be a tie in the Electoral College. rig_an_election.jpgAt best, the massive registration of new voters will mean long lines, equipment failures and confusion that could keep thousands from voting. Meantime, Republicans warn about voter fraud and Democrats worry that the young, poor and elderly could be systematically disenfranchised. We hear how trying to make things better could be making them worse.




Warren Olney


Sonya Geis, Andrea Brody