Incivility, Racial Hostility and Dissent in America

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At town halls and tea parties, on cable TV and on the Internet — even in Congress --America's political discourse is increasingly angry and vitriolic. With the first black president in the White House, Republicans and the media are accused of inflaming racial anxieties. At the same time, massive new government programs in times of economic distress are legitimate subjects for heated debate. We talk about the roots of the outrage and the consequences for the Republican and Democratic parties. America's political discourse is increasingly angry and vitriolic, across the country and in the halls of Congress.


John Mercurio - The Hotline, Rick Perlstein - author and historian - @rickperlstein, Dan Schnur - professor at USC, UC Berkeley and Pepperdine - @danschnur, Richard Thompson Ford - Stanford Law School

Warren Olney

Christian Bordal, Sonya Geis