Iran: the Economy and the Bomb

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When it comes to Iran's nuclear program, Mitt Romney sounds more hawkish than President Obama, agreeing with Israel about where to draw a "red line." The President has said it should be an actual nuclear weapon But neither candidate has been specific about what to do if the "red line" is crossed. Would it mean an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities?  Meantime, the Iranian people are suffering, partly due to economic sanctions.  Will that, or even the threat of military action, affect the nuclear program? How much do we really know about how close Iran has come to building a bomb?  Do we even know for sure that it wants one?


Thomas Erdbrink - New York Times - @ThomasErdbrink, Hooman Majd - journalist and author - @hmajd, Reuel Marc Gerecht - Foundation for Defense of Democracies - @followFDD, Robert Jervis - Columbia University

Warren Olney

Caitlin Shamberg, Katie Cooper, Christian Bordal