War and Diplomacy in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Violence is down in Iraq, but it's up in Afghanistan, with American soldiers and diplomats caught in between. After months of painstaking negotiations, the US and Iraq appeared to have reached a deal last week on extending the presence of American forces beyond the end of this year. That's when the UN mandate runs out.  But now, Iraq's cabinet is demanding changes in what's called the Status of Forces Agreement.  In Afghanistan, allied leaders say more troops are needed, against an insurgency fueled in part by the presence of foreign forces. Can the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds in Iraq resolve their competing political interests and agree on terms for US withdrawal? Will the US and NATO have to sit down with the Taliban to avoid mistakes made in Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union?  


Tina Susman - Los Angeles Times - @TinaSusman, Laith Kubba - Spokesman, former Iraqi Prime Minister al-Jaafari, Shawn Brimley - Center for a New American Security - @shawnbrimley, John Burns - New York Times, Barney Rubin - Director of Studies, New York University's Center on International Cooperation

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