Immigration Looms Large in Midterm Elections

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Illegal immigration is one of the issues unresolved by the Republican White House and Congress.  So candidates all over the country are staking out their positions between guest-worker programs and sealing the border. That's taking a toll on the border itself. We hear how it sounds in Arizona and Ohio, whether it will bring Hispanic voters out to the polls and if African-Americans will vote to protect jobs now going to undocumented workers.  We'll also see what the uncertainty means for morale in the Border Patrol.


Karen Tumulty - political columnist for the Washington Post - @ktumulty, T.J. Bonner - President of the National Border Patrol Council, Robbie Sherwood - Political reporter for the Arizona Republic, Howard Wilkinson - Political reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Robert Desposada - President of the Latino Coalition, Frank Morris - Chairman of Choose Black America

Warren Olney