Is Electronic Surveillance Out of Control?

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When Edward Snowden revealed that Americans' phone calls and emails were being sucked up by government computers, the President called for a "national conversation." Yesterday, a former judge told the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board he was "frankly stunned" at what's now allowed by the secret court he once served on. How did the National Security Agency get so much power? Do the courts and the Congress understand the technology, let alone provide real supervision? We hear about constitutional rights and homeland security as the "national conversation" gets under way.


Siobhan Gorman - Wall Street Journal - @Gorman_Siobhan, Adam Schiff - Democratic Congressman from Burbank, and chair of the House Intelligence Committee - @RepAdamSchiff, Steven Bradbury - Dechert - @dechertllp, James Bamford - journalist and author - @WashAuthor, Ashkan Soltani - independent researcher and consultant - @ashk4n

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