Is Campaign Rhetoric Contributing to Increased Islamophobia?

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Terrorist incidents from Florida to California have increased fear, and Donald Trump has made that central to his campaign, while Hillary Clinton says diversity makes us safer, and mosques around the country are opening their doors to non-believers in the hope of increasing understanding. 

With immigration one of the major topics for tonight’s final presidential debate, we’ll look at Donald Trump’s call for banning people from Muslim countries in the interests of national security. But, with hate crimes on the rise, is he also stoking a strain of Islamophobia that can also lead to violence? 


Moussa Elbayoumy - Chairman of the Kansas Chapter of CAIR, Sarah Posner - Nation Institute - @sarahposner, Mark Krikorian - Center for Immigration Studies - @MarkSKrikorian, Edina Lekovic - Muslim Public Affairs Council - @EdLek

Warren Olney, KCRW Staff

Sáša Woodruff, Katie Cooper, Paul von Zielbauer