Obama Pushes Immigration Reform and GOP Rushes to Embrace It

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Has the moment finally arrived for "comprehensive immigration reform?" Election returns have Republicans focused on the growing Latino vote, as President Obama calls for bipartisanship on immigration reform. At this week's news conference, he emphasized that it "has not historically been a partisan issue…so we need to seize the moment, and my expectation is that we'll get a bill introduced… the process very soon." While stressing the need to secure our borders and enforce our laws, House Speaker John Boehner acknowledged, that "a comprehensive approach is long overdue" and expressed confidence the there was common ground to resolve the issue. Even influential, conservative Fox News columnist Sean Hannity says he's done a complete about face. But "legal status" for undocumented workers sounds like "amnesty" to hard liners. What about sealing the border and setting "skill levels" for newcomers?


Julia Preston - The Marshall Project - @JuliaPrestonNow, Mo Brooks - House of Representatives (R-AL) - @RepMoBrooks, Roberto Suro - University of Southern California - @robertosuro, Heather Mac Donald - Manhattan Institute - @HMDatMI

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