The Public Debate and Private Beliefs of Presidential Candidates

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John F. Kennedy supposedly answered "the religion question" 47 years ago with his successful run for the presidency. Today, the religion question has come up again, only this time the candidate isn't a Catholic. Mitt Romney is a front-runner in the Republican field and a practicing Mormon whose religious beliefs are facing increasing examination. What role will religion play in the race? Can Romney overcome apprehensions about his religion? Will conservative Christian leaders endorse him? Is it fair to judge a politician's public performance on his personal beliefs, beliefs that are outside the cultural mainstream?


Dan Gilgoff - CNN - @dangilgoffCNN, Alex Beam - Columnist for the Boston Globe, Richard Bushman - Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University, Richard Cizik - New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good

Sara Terry

Katie Cooper, Vanessa Romo, Andrea Brody