Can 'Moral Mondays' Change the South?

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Occupy Wall Street's accused of crying, "Wolf."  Weeks of protests failed to move Republicans in Wisconsin. Will it be different in North Carolina? In 2008, Barack Obama carried the state and there was talk of another Southern State turning purple. But last year, he lost there and Republicans won the governorship and super-majorities in both legislative houses for the first time since the Civil War. The GOP has exercised its power, giving rise to "Moral Mondays." Since April, increasing crowds from various walks of life have gathered every Monday near the State House in Raleigh. Hundreds have been arrested. So far, they've being ignored by Republicans, who've used new-found power to cut unemployment benefits, healthcare and education. But, harking back to the civil rights movement, protesters say demographic change and civil disobedience will transform the state and the entire region.




Warren Olney