Petraeus and Crocker: Back on Capitol Hill

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As a protester chanted, "Bring them Home," General David Petraeus refused to set any timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq. Democrats said his strategy added up to "a plan which has no end to it," while Republicans showed various degrees of support. Ambassador Ryan Crocker insisted there has been "progress" in reconstructing Iraq and reconciling sectarian factions. That led to partisan disagreement, too. We hear what John McCain and Hillary Clinton had to say on the recommendations President Bush will be getting from his command team, differing views on the rhetoric and the realities.


Tim Grieve - Congressional Bureau Chief,, Juan Cole - University of Michigan - @jricole, Laith Kubba - Spokesman, former Iraqi Prime Minister al-Jaafari, Richard Miniter - Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute

Warren Olney