How Will Pope Francis Change the Catholic Church?

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Since Pope Francis was elected in March, he has challenged the Roman Catholic establishment, using words like “obsessed” and “narcissistic.” Instead of abortion, gay marriage and contraception, he’s emphasized social justice and the plight of the poor. But he hasn’t changed a word of church doctrine.

Is he a liberal poised to come out of a theological closet—or a master of public relations, who can make hard teachings go down easy? He’s already an immensely popular figure worldwide. Will he change the church in America—and why should non-Catholics care?

Pope Francis comes from Argentina. He’s the first non-European ever to preside over the Vatican. In just 7 months, he’s made a host of controversial statements in interviews with reporters—and he’s become hugely popular with Roman Catholics all over the world. We’ll hear a variety of opinions about his style, his doctrine—and his potential influence worldwide and here in America.




Warren Olney